I believe design is at its best when well researched and conceptualised; transcending the aesthetic and powerful enough to change preconceptions.

Worldpay from FIS

Worldpay from FIS is one of the world’s leading global eCommerce and payment technology companies. They were a client I worked with while in agency. 

I created guidelines for a sub-section of the business. With a distinctive aesthetic throughout the guidelines that could be applied to a wide variety of assets. The guidelines included colour combinations, font usage, composition guides, illustration style, photography, example assets and video. I applied the guidelines to create a 20 page whitepaper.

BBP Agency

BBP is an agency specialising in b2b technology clients, who I worked for as a midweight designer.

While at BBP Agency I used my motion graphic skills to create the agency showreel. This helped to showcase their portfolio of work to potential new clients.


Logitech is one of the world’s leading manufacturers for PC accessories and video conferencing devices. Another client I worked with at while in agency. 

MeetUp Live is a virtual event series designed to keep Logitech’s business customers engaged during the COVID-19 lockdown. I designed the logo along with the website landing page and emails for the events.

National Citizen Service (NCS)

NCS Trust is one of the UK’s largest providers of youth programmes for 15 -17 year olds. 

I continually pushed the boundaries of the brands social channels, doing so by not only creating content that is visually engaging but also relevant to the notoriously challenging target Gen-Z audience. 

Bloody Box

Bloody Box is a community interest company I helped to found. It provides organisations with donation boxes for menstrual products, to help tackle period poverty.

Within Bloody Box I was responsible for design and creative direction. It started as a seasonal campaign which accumulated over 2,000 menstrual products donations. From there I designed the logo and donation box graphics. All the designs are bold and unapologetic to the subject matter to encourage conversation and donations.

The Wrecking Coast

Wrecking Coast is a distillery famed for their clotted cream gin. They were a unique client that I had the chance to work with while in agency.

The Wrecking Coast did not have existing brand guidelines, I had to design and art direct a new look and feel with clear rules while retaining their existing logo and product packaging. The guidelines included a new colour palette, a unique and multifunctional graphic device, photography rules and example assets. 

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures is one of the largest global film production companies which encompasses the likes of Minions, Trolls, Jurassic World, The Grinch and E.T. 

Licensing is often viewed as applying to younger audiences. During my time at Universal, I targeted an older and more aspirational audience. Doing so by stripping back the aesthetic and using influences from current fashion, product and culture trends. Pitching these ideas to retailers that before had not taken on licenses. Like that of & Other Stories, who as a result went onto design and create their first licensed apparel. 

Circling the Square

Circling the Square is a public art practice that enhances public areas by creating artworks, often working with the local community. I work with them on an ad-hoc freelance basis. 

The red sculpture for Sheffield College was a collaboration piece. I designed the applied graphic shapes, inspired by creative courses at the college. I designed the entirety of the greens railings, they are symmetry and nature inspired for Bracknell Forest Council.